Dell Aquires Israeli Cloud Startup Cloudify for $100m

Dell confirmed that it acquired the Israeli startup Cloudify, which develops automation systems for management processes of cloud-based applications, after a report in the American media.

Cloudify was founded in 2014 by Nati Shalom and other founders, as a spin-off from GigaSpaces, another company founded by Shalom in 1999. Cloudify’s headquarters is in Herzliya, and the company also has offices in the US. According to Pitchbook data, the company has raised $8 million since inception. Among its investors are VMware, KPN Ventures, Intel Capital and Clardige Israel. Today, the company employs several dozen people, with Ariel Dan serving as the company’s CEO and Nati Shalom as the CTO. The company’s employees will join Dell’s research and development center in Israel, which was established in 2010.

Cloudify helps engineers who are grappling with managing network and data infrastructure at scaling organizations by providing a platform that lets DevOps engineers integrate and manage different products they may already be using — Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, ServiceNow, Jenkins, Azure, ARM and TOSCA among them — and automating the work of them working together.





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