NT Tao Raises $22m For the Development of a Container Size Nclear Reactor

The company raising round A to develop a compact nuclear fusion generator that will be a source of clean energy. Oded Gur Lavi, the CEO: “The whole world is looking for energy independence and energy security”. Among the investors in the company: Honda, Delek USA and the OurCrowd fund.

Last December sentists from the NIF Institute in the US were able to focus 200 powerful laser beams on a ball the size of a pea, and create a process of nuclear fusion inside the pea, and thus, for the first time ever, take more energy out of the ball than went into it – a net energy gain.

The company has developed a unique plasma stabilizer that allows work with plasma at a density 1000 times higher than existing solutions and in combination with a very fast heating method. These two enable a nuclear fusion reaction that is up to a million times more efficient, thus enabling a high total efficiency in terms of the amount of energy produced in relation to the amount of energy invested in the process.

Oded Gur Lavi, CEO





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