MDI Health Raises $20 Million to Address Medication-Related Problems

MDI Health, an AI-powered platform that automates the optimization of personalized medication treatment, at scale, has raised $20 million in Series A funding led by Intel Capital with participation from Maverick Ventures Israel and existing investors Hanaco Ventures, Welltech Ventures, Arc Impact, Basad Ventures, Fresh.Fund, Jumpspeed Ventures and former SVP of Optum Richard Montwill

MDI Health was founded in 2019 and employs 40 people. The founders of the company are CEO Avishai Ben-Tovim, Chief Scientist Dr. Dorit Dil Nahalieli, and CTO Yuval Kalev. The company’s valuation increased since its previous funding round in June 2021.

MDI Health’s technology enables healthcare organizations to prevent drug-related medical problems, which is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, with over 270,000 deaths each year. Comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) undertaken by clinicians are effective in reducing these drug-related events, but the harsh reality is that most patients do not receive CMRs because it is still a manual process taking hours per patient.

Current medication management solutions are largely alert-based, focusing on drug interactions and requiring laborious processes. Whereas, MDI Health’s AI medication management platform is autonomous and hyper-personalized. It analyzes thousands of influencing factors to identify medication-related risks – and provides a recommendation to mitigate such risks – in a matter of minutes instead of hours, driving significant cost savings and improved health outcomes at scale.

“MDI Health is driven by our mission to help end the preventable suffering of patients caused by an outdated one-size-fits-all approach to medication treatment,” said Avishai Ben-Tovim, CEO and co-founder of MDI Health. “The ongoing support and new funding from our investors equips us with the fuel we need to accelerate that mission”.

MDI Health founders credit: Israel Hadar

“With more patients and less staff, clinicians’ mission to deliver exceptional care has limitations. Clinicians are forced to make a judgment call when treating patients, leading to unnecessary medications, clinic visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions,” said Roi Bar-Kat, Intel Capital Managing Director, Israel Country Manager. “MDI Health’s technology is a game changer for health plans and value-based providers, helping them deliver ‘whole’ person medication management, at scale – saving costs, and most importantly saving patients’ lives.”

“Medication management is one of the most pressing issues facing healthcare today, with patient care costs and quality on the line,” said Richard L. Boals, MDI Health board member and investor and former CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. “MDI Health’s AI platform is addressing this issue head on at-scale by working directly with payers to lower costs and improve quality for their members.”

The Series A funding — which brings the company’s total financing to $26 million — will allow MDI Health to meet rising customer demand and scale its U.S. and Israeli R&D teams to drive product development. As part of the fundraise, Intel Capital Investment Director Yoni Greifman will join MDI Health’s board of directors.





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